The 2008 Caution Gear continues to prove itself...

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The 2008 Caution Gear continues to prove itself...

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The 2008 Caution Gear continues to prove itself every where it goes!


The Caution team had an awesome week down at the La Ventana Kite Expo. With a lot of the caution extended family showing up, we all had good times with whole lot of Mayhem on the water. FYI: it seems like a well kept secret, but CAUTION took SECOND (Brendan Richards) and THIRD (Co-owner/Team rider Jeff Burton) place finishes in the La Ventana 12 mi. Crossing with all five team riders finishing in the top 25 out of 130+ riders. In the Second day of buoy racing we had a fifth in the finals by Jeff Burton, a respectable stab at the buoys. While we were out hard at work racing in the Sea of Cortez, speed freak, Tilmann Heinig, was setting world speed records in Germany on his 9M ANSWER 2 breaking the 50 knot barrier. So, overall, a good week to be a part of the Caution family, so wear your flames proudly.

Jeff, Brendan and the rest of the Caution Team were all riding the stock 2008 11m Mayhem and the stock 2008 5’5” Trespass in the Crossing and the Course Racing!!!! Not bad for a bunch of wave riders!!


Great Job Team Caution!!!!!

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