Ryan Riccitelli, the editor of The Kiteboarder Magazine...

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Ryan Riccitelli, the editor of The Kiteboarder Magazine...

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Hi All,

Here is an email from Ryan Riccitelli, the editor of The Kiteboarder Magazine. He is praising the 11m Mayhem as one of his top 2 best kites in the 12m size out of all the brands from the test. All of the testers were “blown away with that kite”.

The 2008 Mayhem is and will be a clear winner.
All you need to do is get the kite in peoples hands and they too will be believers!

The official kite test will be published in the up coming issue of The Kiteboarder.

Hey guys.

We tested the Mayhem this weekend. I am not pole smoking when I say this. I have tested A LOT of kites in the last few months. All of us were blown away with that kite. Each of my testers including myself were going for moves we usually don’t. You guys have a really great kite this year. Get that thing in as many hands as possible as I really believe people will be blown away.

You guys did a great job with the bar. I like the tapered feel and the safety system is really nice. I REALLY liked the bar pressure and direct feel. The simple bridle system and was perfect. We made NO adjustments and the thing flew perfect. It looped, jumped, turned like a sports car.

I actually told one of my friends who rides another brand that he needs to try it. I have been looking for a 12 meter kite that I like for the last year and half. I have felt a few that are decent, but this kite is definitely in my top 2 favs in the 12meter range. I really want to ride it in the waves and spend some time on it.

Good Job dudes…I hope you have a great year with it.


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