2007 ANSWER 9m review

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2007 ANSWER 9m review

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2007 ANSWER 9m review

Having spent some time on the 9m '07 Answer, my initial impression is as follows:

The most important factor is that static stability has been improved and the kite is more stable overhead at rest, as well as having better “drift” when bottom turning toward it on a wave. Although they have seemingly different requirements, this is a great improvement for both beginners and advanced riders alike.

The bottom end power of the '06 Answer was already pretty impressive, but the '07 model has even more to offer in this department and can have me comfortably out on a 9m in 15kt on a TT. I was concerned that this may have come at a big trade-off against the top end wind range, but so far it seems not to be the case, and at 35kt the 9m was still perfectly at home and ready for more.
The power delivery is also significantly smoother and newcomers to SLE kites can adapt more easily as the de-power stroke has been lengthened.

Last years' Answer already had more POP than most other SLE kites and the new one again offers even more in this department, making it ideal for wakestyle moves and those into handlepasses. The adjustable stopper on the de-power line also means that you can still choose to ride as powered up as you want.

The improved bottom end power and increased pop also translate into floatier jumps compared to the '06 Answer. You still get the same, sick lift, ripping you as high as you dare, that made the Answer stand out from the crowd, but there is noticeably more “float” on the way down, giving both longer hangtime and softer landings, both of which are a good thing, regardless of your skill level.

All of this has been achieved whist still retaining the awesome “Caution Feel” that keeps riders coming back once they have flown a Caution Kite.

The CAUTION kites slogan is; “Lighter, Faster, Stronger”. Perhaps it should be; LIGHTER, FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER, LONGER …

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The re-designed 2007 Answer is the newest high performance Flat Kite design from Caution! Caution's goals while creating the 2007Answer was to achieve an incredibly stable wing while still maintaining the most responsive, performance kite on the market! Un-equaled speed, upwind ability, and maneuverability are some the performance characteristics of the 2007 design The Answer achieves these goals by ridding itself of all the negative points of previous Flat Kite designs by altering the shape of the kite and the profile. A few new features for 2007 are: Single Turbo Inflation System, new shape and profile, two new sizes, and all new graphics! As always the Answer is built with Caution's unique bomb proof seam construction and top materials from Industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin and Cousins! Sizes include: 6, 9,12, 16, 19

http://cautionkites.biz.sco.com/store/l ... _only.html

Features and Benefits:


a.. New shape makes wing incredibly stable
b.. New Single Turbo Inflation System
c.. Huge wind range
d.. Flat kite design allows for largest Projected Area
e.. Safest Style kite on the Market
f.. Even lower bar pressure (adjustable from low bar pressure to fixed bar pressure)
g.. Adjustable stopper balls
h.. Spinning Leash
i.. Quick Turning (multiple attachment points in the rear to control turning speed)
j.. No Pulleys on the bar
k.. Simple user friendly 4 line bar
l.. Larger sweet spot

Durability and materials

a.. Quality materials from industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin and Cousins
b.. Caution's quality bullet proof construction
c.. Glued and triple stitched seams
d.. Double ply trailing edge
e.. Low stretch panel layout
f.. Unique Speed Struts

Kites come with

a.. Largest aluminum shafted pump in the industry
b.. Back pack carrying bag

Caution Kites - Greece:

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