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Caution Answer 2007 review

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Review : Caution Answer
Size : 12m

caution are a kite company based in Santa Cruz, California. caution have been around since the beginning of kitesurfing, supporting the legendary former event, the 'Waddel creek kite clash'. their team, past and present has included some very well known riders, such as chuck Patterson, Dylan grafmyre and Ian alldredge. the company enjoys a strong underground reputation for its tough, no nonsense designs tested in the heavy west coast surf. the answer is caution's first 'flat' or hybrid style kite.


bag/ construction

the answer bag is a no nonsense affair, a simple holdall with a separate bar pocket. naturally it extendable to take the kite with struts inflated. in an age of increasingly fussy 'technical' style kite bags, this is a welcome alternative.

the construction of the kite itself contains some interesting features. firstly, all the major seams use a wide, flat stitching. in testing this has proved to be very durable, but more on this later. also, all seams are glued and triple stitched, the trailing edge is double ply (to reduce stretching and flutter over the life of the kite) and panels are arranged to limit stretch. compared to some of the more well known brands, the caution construction method shuns unnecessary weight and reinforcement in favour of choice use of materials and careful construction techniques to create a light, strong (and in appearance at least) simple looking result.


the bridle system on the answer is very short in comparison with some of the other hybrids, the area over which the pulley can travel is quite small. knots below the pulley allow the AOA to be adjusted for less power/ more upwind ability. also, on the wingtips are multiple attachment points to control turning speed and bar pressure. all inflate points have valves, using the system where a small plastic pin is inserted for deflation.


the bar itself is a carbon affair, fitted with stopper balls top and bottom. release force can be adjusted simply by altering the tension on the screw of the stopper. the safety release is a pin and loop type, and a low amount of force is needed to actuate the system. the chicken loop is on a swivel, meaning you can spin out twists. the donkey dick is removable also. releasing the chicken loop allows the kite to depower fully through a line attached further up the centre lines, the leash being attached to a small loop next to the chicken loop. in addition to this there is a flagging system on the right brake line for emergency situations. all lines and bar fittings seem good quality and workmanlike, enforcing the impression this bit of kit is designed to hold together.


once inflated you can either use a helper or the 'bow kite' launching method, the kite being very easy to roll off its LE and get into the air. looking at it, the kite is quite C like in shape, but with a noticeably flatter centre section. the swept tips and graphics make for a good looking kite in the air, black and red certainly suiting the lines.


out on the water, the kite gives good feedback and feel through the bar. it has around mid level bar press ure on the settings i opted to use, though this can be raised or lowered through those knots at the kite end. its easy to feel what the kites doing through the bar, and it tracks well through the air, requiring minimal correction. turning speed is excellent, very fast though the kite doesn't generate a huge surge of power through the turn, delivering more of a hit of power as it accelerates through the window. the kite likes to fly fast and points very well upwind, though all the time deep chested grunt is available with only a short pull of the bar. you can jump the kite C kite or bow style, the most important thing being that you redirect the kite at the right speed, extra lift being available if you are not too fast, but rather smooth and progressive. hang time is good, and the pop available, excellent. despite being able to point the kite so far upwind, adjust the trim and you can pull it back into the window for the unhooked moves. in all the flying experience is very like a C kite, in that you set the overall power level on the trim, and feel and flight behaviour are quite similar. the main differences are upwind ability and given power for its size. for those coming off classic kites, this makes familiarisation much more of a simple affair.

out in the waves, the kite delivers good on demand power for manoeuvring between and linking sections. this is not a park and ride the wave style of kite, it likes aggressive riding on the wave, and with the power available, would work well with a surfboard in lighter winds.

on a landboard, the kite also works nicely, the bottom end and quick flying helping you get the most out of the lighter days. on the sand however, edging becomes difficult in higher winds due to that colossal grunt, on the grass this isn't a problem however.


i also recommend that for first time users, the kite is set up with plenty of backline tension. with the upwind ability, those unfamiliar could overfly the kite ( i made this error, and tested out that surf construction!). with more backline, the kite is much more forgiving, and i recommend this setup for all but the most specialised riders.


though caution exists under the radar for most riders, its certainly well worth a look. the answer is a ruthlessly focused item designed to give the maximum performance in a hybrid shape, though with the feel and operation of a C kite. it makes an excellent all round kite for intermediate riders upwards wishing for all round ability and a familiar feel in a kite that will last for many seasons.

The re-designed 2007 Answer is the newest high performance Flat Kite design from Caution! Caution's goals while creating the 2007Answer was to achieve an incredibly stable wing while still maintaining the most responsive, performance kite on the market! Un-equaled speed, upwind ability, and maneuverability are some the performance characteristics of the 2007 design The Answer achieves these goals by ridding itself of all the negative points of previous Flat Kite designs by altering the shape of the kite and the profile. A few new features for 2007 are: Single Turbo Inflation System, new shape and profile, two new sizes, and all new graphics! As always the Answer is built with Caution's unique bomb proof seam construction and top materials from Industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin and Cousins! Sizes include: 6, 9,12, 16, 19 ... _only.html

Features and Benefits:


a.. New shape makes wing incredibly stable
b.. New Single Turbo Inflation System
c.. Huge wind range
d.. Flat kite design allows for largest Projected Area
e.. Safest Style kite on the Market
f.. Even lower bar pressure (adjustable from low bar pressure to fixed bar pressure)
g.. Adjustable stopper balls
h.. Spinning Leash
i.. Quick Turning (multiple attachment points in the rear to control turning speed)
j.. No Pulleys on the bar
k.. Simple user friendly 4 line bar
l.. Larger sweet spot

Durability and materials

a.. Quality materials from industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin and Cousins
b.. Caution's quality bullet proof construction
c.. Glued and triple stitched seams
d.. Double ply trailing edge
e.. Low stretch panel layout
f.. Unique Speed Struts

Kites come with

a.. Largest aluminum shafted pump in the industry
b.. Back pack carrying bag

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