ASNews Interviews the Caution Boys: New Gear-Factory-Future

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ASNews Interviews the Caution Boys: New Gear-Factory-Future

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Peter and Poul experiencing Sri Lankan Culture, on a break from the rigorous factory time spent designing.....

Caution’s signature flame graphics are easily recognizable on kites and boards around the world, as are the Schiebel brothers, the founders of Caution Kites. However, many of you may not know that the boys were both professional windsurfers who had extensive windsports design experience before launching Caution Kites in 1999. Or, that in 2005, Caution founded the CDSL Factory in Sri Lanka and are now making kites for several other international brands besides themselves. This week, Peter and Poul Schiebel join host Ryan Riccitelli to talk about their company’s R&D, the release of the Answer 2 next week, the Caution 07 products and what’s coming down the line for the company.

Got a question for the Schiebel’s on the new Answer 2, rebirth of the Redline board series, the new Hecklers, surfing with kites or Santa Cruz? Join the LIVE podcast this Thursday evening and get your questions answered REAL TIME directly from the source.

When: Thursday, February 8, 2007
Time: 6p PST, 8p Central, 9p EST

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