World Speed Record SMASHED! on a Caution Kite Answer 9.0

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World Speed Record SMASHED! on a Caution Kite Answer 9.0

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Hello All,

I would like to let everyone know about the new Speed Record that
was set last week on a Stock 9m Caution ANSWER, of an average of
50.424knots over 500 meters. Congratulations to Tillman!

World Speed Record Smashed !
Riders Records: ... l=52&uid=4 ... u=rankings
on a Stock Caution Kite Answer 9.0

1 Tilmann Heinig 46.6

2 Alex Caizergues 45.9
3 David Trewern 44.3
4 david williams 43.8
5 Nigel Bowley 43.4
6 Manu Taub 41.4
7 Hennie Bredenkamp 40.6
8 Rob Munro 40.6
9 Sjoukje Bredenkamp 37.6
10 taro niehaus 35.9

Name : Tilmann Heinig
Kite number : -
Sponsor(s) : www.kiteplanet
Home spot : Germany, Westerhever
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 78.0 kg
Age : 46

Date : Thursday, December 07, 2006
Spot : Westerhever, Germany
Board : Home made Halfmoon
Kite : Caution Answer 9.0
Fin : Home made Stainless Steel 4
Average speed : 46.58 knots (48.8 47.6 46.6 45.3 44.6)
Max. GPS (display) : 50.8 knots
Max. 2 sec. (software) : 50.6 knots
100 m run : 49.6 knots
250 m run : 48.8 knots
500 m run : 46.8 knots
Nautical mile : 20.9 knots
1 hour : 14.8 knots
Distance : 52.1 km
Windspeed : 33 knots
Windgusts : 40 knots
Remarks : totally stoked...
What a smooth ride, what a great feeling !
When I arrived in Westerhever in the morning I immediately hurried into the public toilet where I had forgotten my contact lenses two days before. They were still there ! In that moment I knew, Westerhever loves me and this will be a good day.
I was much too early - no water at all. But the wind was good, steady 7 Beaufort with gusts of 40 knots or a bit more. The steady light rain was a good sign for steady wind. A little bit cold, 7 degrees, but still ok.
When the water came it was too narrow for longer runs but here I already reached 46 knots
which showed me that my new board was a good one.
It was almost two hours cruising and waiting for the water. The water came much later than two days before. But suddenly it was perfect: A glassy layer of ankle deep fluid covered the dead flat beach - liquid ice.
GO !
Suddenly I saw grass looking through the water surface. But the run was too good to interrupt it. So I burst through that part and tremendous gusts accelerated me more and more. A really great feeling ! At the end I looked at the display:
50.8 knots ! I screamed at least five minutes long for what other people would immediately have been put into mental home.
After I had calmed down I made some more runs to increase my average and then I thought: Better dont ride 100 km/h because nobody would believe itJ
So I stopped the session for the day.
I think the main reason for my huge increase in speed is my new halfmoon board. Its stiffer and 5 cm wider than the old one ( for you dont have control problems in dead flat water) and it has a halfmoon outline. That means the toe side is round like a waveboard and the heelside almost straight. Its because on full speed you hardly edge your board. So its more like a windsurfboard where you need a clean outline without corners and cut outs. The board lays stable in the water and is the most comfortable to ride ever. And its the first board which is really looking good in my eyes.
The times in detail and a picture of the board you can see here: ... post324634

User PR's

Average speed : 46.58 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 9.0
Max. GPS (display) : 50.8 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 9.0
Max. 2 sec. (software) : 50.6 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 9.0
Max. 10 sec. run : 48.8 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 9.0
100 m run : 49.6 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 9.0
250 m run : 48.8 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 9.0
500 m run : 46.8 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 9.0
Nautical mile : 35.6 knots, Home made Tilmann made / F One HW 8.0
1 hour : 15.4 knots, Home made Halfmoon / Caution Answer 12.0

Tilman info: ... 00&start=0

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Posted Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:05 am Post subject


WOW well done Tilman!

what kite are you using?

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Posted Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:36 am Post subject


its the magic 9er Caution Answer, nobody knows why that thing is that fast
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Posted Fri Dec 08, 2006 11:07 am Post subject



doing 100kph in ankle deep water is insane.

well done!

do you think 60knots is going to happen?
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Posted Fri Dec 08, 2006 11:12 am Post subject


Is it an official world record?
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Posted Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:55 pm Post subject

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ?mnu=forum ... u=rankings

Well Done Tilmann

No seagulls ??

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