Caution kites gives the answer.......

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Caution kites gives the answer.......

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The Answer has arrived!

Answer to what?

The Answer to your "bow" objections ...

NO Inversion.
NO high bar pressure.
NO sluggish turning.
NO pulleys on the bar.
NO pansy construction.
NO ridiculous pricing.
NO excuses for the 16m not working.

"For those waiting for info on the bar setup.

It is the same as the current Spitfire bars:

100% Carbon bar with colour coded EVA grip and large bore centre hole
Stainless steel insert in centre hole to prevent wear
Plastic covered de-power line to prevent line wear
Adjustable stopper balls to set de-power stroke length
Stainless steel swivell on C-loop to untwist after multiple loops
Quad set of Laser Gold Pro flying lines

The differences over the 2006 Spitfire bar setup is that the de-power stroke and de-power strap are longer than on the Spitties, and the leash runs off the front lines, through the centre hole and connects to either the C-Loop or your harness.

No pulleys to wear, etc."

In general the ANSWER can cover the same range as the following C shaped
kites: Other factors are board size, and rider skill level

16m Answer: 12,14,16,18

12m Answer: 8,10,12,14.

9m Answer: 6,8,10,12

7m Answer 4,6,8,10

Am I sure it's a "bow"? For sure!

Want one? Want to know more?

Move fast!

Caution Kites-Santa Cruz California
gives the answer....... ... tion+kites

for bow - flat 2006 kites!!!

Please see attached Techsheet

Features and Benefits:

No pulleys on bar

Low Bar pressure

Cautions' quality bullet proof construction

Fast turning

Huge Wind range

Three sizes only: 7, 9, 12, 16
All Kites Measured in Flat Area ... _Kite.html

The Answer is the newest Flat Kite design From Caution, which brings about an all new level of kite performance! Caution’s goals while creating the Answer were to achieve the safest possible kite, with a large projected area and largest wind range, while still delivering high performance! The Answer is the answer when it comes to the question of what is the smoothest, safest, most efficient Flat Kite on the market today. The Answer achieves these goals by ridding itself of all the negative points of previous Flat Kite designs, starting with the ver simple pulley free control bar. The Answer is built with Caution’s unique bomb proof seam construction and top materials from Industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin and Cousins! Sizes include: 7, 9,12,16

Features and Benefits:


Ø Incredibly stable

Ø Huge wind range

Ø Flat kite design allows for largest Projected Area

Ø Safest Style kite on the Market

Ø Low bar pressure (adjustable from low bar pressure to fixed bar pressure)

Ø Adjustable stopper balls

Ø Spinning Leash

Ø Quick Turning (multiple attachment points in the rear to control turning speed)

Ø No Pulleys on the bar

Ø Simple user friendly 4 line bar

Ø Shorter bar travel allows more normal range and feel to the kite

Durability and materials

Ø Quality materials from industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin and Cousins

Ø Caution’s quality bullet proof construction

Ø Glued and triple stitched seams

Ø Double ply trailing edge

Ø Low stretch panel layout

Ø Unique Speed Struts

Kites come complete with

Ø Repair kit

Ø Simple high performance Carbon 4 line bar

Ø Largest aluminum shafted pump in the industry

Ø Back pack carrying bag, with mesh extension

Windranges for the new ANSWER Flat Kite

Here are the windranges for the new Caution flat kite the ANSWER.

It is based upon a rider who is approximately 175 lbs. (78 kg). Actual use may vary based on your body weight, skill level, water conditions, board size , and riding style. When choosing a kite size, please use your personal experience, common sense, and always check what other riders are using on the water for a size reference.
7.0 Beginner to Pro 18 to 50 +
9.0 Beginner to Pro 14 to 30+
12.0 Beginner to Pro 11 to 25+
16.0 Beginner to Pro 7 to 18+

Speed Kills Use Caution! ... _Kite.html

Colours combinations:


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