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Review by: KiteKing - 2005-04-25 (9:18 pm) I have being kiting in the United Arab Emirates specially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the last 3 years and have being using North kites ever since I was introduced to this sport. Last year during the Red Bull competition, I had the oppertunity to try out the CAUTION SPITFIRE I which was available for testing. I was so impressed with the handling and the perforance of this kite that day, I placed an immidiate order with your local agent for a 12 and a 16 m kite. I have being flying CAUTION kites ever since and have introduced a load of my friends to this top brand of kite and I would like to say that I am a proud owner of almost the full range of CAUTION kites SPITFIRE II starting from 6 m to 20m!! I recently bought a 142 CAUTION board too!!!

Well done!! CAUTION, keep up the good work on your kite and board designs. IT's a great kite to fly and so unfortunate that not many people are aware of this kite in this reagion.

Happy kiting,
Kite king


Review by: Shaun - 2004-12-30 (5:46 am) My experience with this product: 6-10 sessions

The Spitfire II differs from last years model as follows:

*Turning is significantly quicker and realy nice for a big kite. Awesome for wave riding.
*Bar pressure has been reduced slightly and the overall feel is that you are flyng a much smaller kite.
*It tracks upwind a little easier than last years 16
*It has slightly less pop (still tons though), but more glide in the jumps
*Early planing is similar to last year but top end range is improved a little.

The construction and materials are Caution's traditional "bomber" standard and the bar now includes a swiveling leash system that works great.

IMO, still one of the better products out there.


Review by: John K - 2005-05-12 (8:16 pm) My experience with this product: 6-10 sessions

I have ridden the spitfire II 20 side by side with the spitfire I 20. I would first like to say that caution makes the most bomb proof kite out there... Having overhead high waves swallow my spitfire I on multiple occasions and coming away unscathed really impressed the hell out of me. As far as the differences, the spitfire II seems lighter in the air, it turns faster, the leading edge and struts are smaller, and the graphics are cooler. Overall, its the proven design of the spitfire I with some small additions that make it a better kite. Not to mention it comes with a pretty sick swivel bar. The quickness makes doing downloops and kiteloop reentries much easier than the 04 model. I live in San Diego and you really notice the differences between big kite designs. I have flown them all and have yet to fly a kite with as much pull on the upstroke (which is important for light wind riding) as the cautions.


Review by: junior - 2005-06-28 (5:31 pm) My experience with this product: 1-5 sessions (first impressions)

I am new to kiteboarding and just bought a 14M kite. I have no experinece with other kites. I have lauched this kite and feel really comfortable so far. It is really easy to fly and is very responsive. The setup is simple and generates tons of power. Again, I have nothing to compare it to, but I feel like I made a good choice and am excited to see where this kite will take me. I never felt out of control or in over my head. It goes where I think and does what I want. I am not scared and I think this kite has a lot to do with the confidence I feel.


Review by: Shaun - 2005-01-10 (8:22 pm) My experience with this product: 1-5 sessions (first impressions)

I have had a couple of session on the 14 so far, probably totalling 6 hours so there will still be room for more comments later.

Compared to the 12 and even the 16, the 14m looks fairly high aspect when laid out on the ground. As with last years 14 though, in the air it is super stable and nicely responsive. Turning speed is quick if you give positive bar input, but the kite is stable enough that you can happily do unhooked stuff without sending the kite scurrying accross the sky unnessesarily.

The hangtime is insane and this is probably the pick of the bunch in the Spitfire range as far as pure jumping goes.

It's quick enough in the turns for downloop transitions and down the line wave riding where the stability and power are brilliant. I can't do fully powered genuine loops, so I can't say for sure, but at a guess i'd say it's plenty fast for that too.

I haven't been able to check out the low end range as yet as I haven't had it out in less than 12kt so far, but today I was out in minimum 19kt gusting 30kt winds (measured by national weather station 5km away)and although I would have been doing more on a smaller kite, there was really no problem handling the 14 in these conditions.

The build quality is the usual Caution bomb proof standard and the bar has been improved by the addition of a spinning leash system. The Chicken loop can also be used in unhooked or hooked in mode depending on your preference.

Overall ... outstanding kite. Definitely give this one a try if you are able.


Review by: werd - 2004-12-24 (5:31 pm) My experience with this product: 6-10 sessions

have tried spit2 14m and 10m
took the 10m out in some serious wind (30knot) which it handle very well. a fast kite but with the different attachments points you can slow it down to suit your prefferance/ability. this thing would be mad in the surf!!!!

the 14m is a really good kite. the best i've ridden without a doubt. excellent for wake style tricks (kite loops etc.) very stable. turning speed is fast. this kite is sick to ride.


Review by: Shaun - 2005-10-08 (11:11 pm) My experience with this product: 6-10 sessions

I have been riding the 12m Sptfire III for around a month, whenever conditions have allowed. I would say that I've had around 7/8 sessions on it in everything from light and underpowered, to fully juiced up and begging for mercy :-)

Compared to the Spitfire II, the new model is a little lighter on the bar, turns a little quicker, goes upwind a little easier, and the wind range has been extended on both top and bottom end. The lift has also increased a little.

Overall, no MAJOR changes, but a bunch of smaller changes have resulted in the kite simply being easier/more fun to fly (not that there was anything wrong in the 1st place)in a wide range of conditions.

Physical differences are; narrower diameter LE and struts, segmented struts, more re-inforcements on LE seams, and the addition of the "Y bridle" & 5th line.


Review by: . - 2005-10-22 (8:43 pm) My experience with this product: 6-10 sessions

Caution's marketing phrase is "Lighter, Faster, Stronger" and they have delivered on this for sure.

Compared to previous models the '06 is lighter by virtue of narrower diameter LE and struts, the kite does turn a little faster than the previous one, and they have beefed up their already beefy contruction on the critical LE seams.

So how does it fly?

This years 14 is noticably lower aspect compared to the past two seasons, and before getting it on the water I was concerned whether it could possibly out do the 2005 model, as this was one of the very best jumping kites out there with HUGE range.

I shouldn't have worried. It has just as big a wind range as previous, but quicker turning and the hang time in the jumps has been pushed up a notch for sure.Upwind is even easier.

This is definately a "one kite quiver" for anyone wanting to minimise equipment.

A "Y" bridle 5th line setup is standard on all the 06 Spitfires, and the QR is smoother operating than previous.

The only reason I don't give it 5/5 is that until the perfect safety system is discovered no kite deserves full marks.


Review by: Alex - 2003-12-31 (4:49 pm) Had a chance to fly the new Spitfire 20m yesterday thanks to Lee from Caution Kites Oz. Must say that I was surprised.
I am a North R2 20 fan as it can pull my fat arse around with ease and while the new R4 20 is out I am reluctant to change after getting the R4 12 to replace my old R2 12.
This Caution 20 is a nice kite and is every bit as good as the R2 20. I was not use to the bar setup and would have prefered to use my own control bar.
This kite does have bottom end and I would say just a tiny bit off the R2 20 but like I said if I had my own control bar Iam sure It would have been almost the same. It has less bar pressure than the North R2 and steers a little bit faster as well. It flys off the front lines but does tolerate over sheeting. I feel that it likes to be ridden fast as it does not drag you off the wind as you build up speed. I did not test the jumping to much but the hops that I did had that nice float time the North is known for. One of the Caution team rides was doing nice triple backs with kite loop in 10 knots of wind so it's good for light wind tricks.
The construction looks simple but has the strength where its required and it felt lighter than the R2 20. You will like or hate the graphic flames but it will stand out from the rest. The AR of the kite is medium and it has 5 struts with inflatable end struts combined with the leading edge. The bar was 50cm long which I found good but others said they would like to try it with a 60cm to speed up the turning even more.
I feel this kite is a real lite wind weapon even for light weight riders as it does not have that down wind drag but still has great low end.
By the way I am no way sponsored or have any interests with Caution kites and just put this review up as I was surprised by how good the kite was.


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