EZZY Sail Special Edition in 50 mph winds

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EZZY Sail Special Edition in 50 mph winds

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EZZY Sail Special Edition in 50 mph winds
action with Easiness and Total Control!

Το πανι στο video ειναι το EZZY Sail Special Edition και μπορείς να το αποκτήσεις ΚΑΙΝΟΥΡΓΙΟ στις παρακατω τιμές:

EZZY Sail Special Edition 5,0: 275,00€ ευρω
EZZY Sail Special Edition 5,2: 280,00€ ευρω
EZZY Sail Special Edition 5,5: 285,00€ ευρω

No One Builds Better Sails & Masts!

The Unique Symmetrical Profile and Handcrafted Sails Worldwide!


Dave Ezzy developed the Endo-Batten for windsurfing sails in 1998 to achieve a symmetrical profile and help batten rotation.

The endobatten produces a perfectly symmetrical sail and saves all the weight of the batten pockets.

More info:

We develop our own sailcloth.

The Ezzy Sails Spectra® X-Film is the strongest and lightest windsurfing sailcloth in the world.

We were the first sail company to laminate Spectra® yarns between two films.

Our X-Film weighs about the same as standard 5-mil monofilm, yet it is more than 1,000 times stronger in tear strength.

Sailcloth must be designed to match the specific loads in the sail.

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