EZZY ELITE 2016 5,3 Test Review Windsurf Magazine UK:

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EZZY ELITE 2016 5,3 Test Review Windsurf Magazine UK:

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EZZY ELITE 2016 5,3 Test Review Windsurf Magazine UK:
Τιμή Αγγλίας για το EZZY ELITE 2016 5,3: 541,00 UK Pounds = 770,00 € ευρω!

A class act, the Elite combines balanced handling and easy useable power across such a wide tuneable range that it would be at home in any wave environment.

Recommended by all who used it.



What Else?

Our best all-around wave sail.
• Designed for flatwater and wave sailing.
• The Elite is strong. We use Technora and Spectra X-ply sailcloth.
• Expanded light wind settings.
• Powerful and stable with a soft feel.
• Sizes 3.4 to 6.1 have four battens.
• New sizes: 6.4 and 6.8 with five battens.
• Calibrated rigging system for fast and accurate rigging.
• The Elite also works with non-Ezzy masts.
• Our unique Color Fusion sailcloth makes the Elite visually stunning.

Standard Features:

Unbreakable Solid Hand Tapered RBS® Epoxy battens
Precision Calibrated Downhaul System
Ezzy Sails work on skinny masts (RDMs)as well as coventional diameter.
100% Technora® Warp Scrim, Trilite and Spectra® X-Film,High Density Spectra® X-Film
Removable stainless steel low profile downhaul pulley which can be replaced with a D-ring
Weft-Stop Sleeve tough mast sleeve material resists reef cuts
Head is reinforced with adhesive-backed, woven polyester
Three-ply reinforcement on the leech with built in leech stabilser battens
Low-profile, screw batten tensioners
Outhaul and downhaul gauges shows you how much tension you need
Foot reinforcement protects the sewing from the board's texture
Mesh pocket in mast pad for downhaul line
Super-thick mast pad wraps around your universal and flips up for easy rigging.
Tack strap doubles as strap to keep sail rolled up in the sailbag
Small vinyl window gives perfect visibility and improves durability
Endobatten construction produces a symmetrical profile on both the starboard and port tack
Adjustable head webbing allows for different mast sizes and system removes flapping webbing
Built in removable padded toe jam added to bottom of mast pad
Water proof clew patch
Each sail is rigged in Ezzy's Sri Lankan loft for quality control.
Heavy duty sail bag with drawstring closure (no jamming zippers) and mesh drainage base
Built in stainless steel batten tension adjuster screwdriver
Spare long webbing headstrap to rig on a longer mast
Laminated rigging and sail care instructions,cool Ezzy sticker and a mini sail keyring.

Graham EZZY: EZZY ELITE 2016

και τα πιο ΕΛΑΦΡΙΑ πανια στον κόσμο απο την EZZY Sails!

The endobatten produces a perfectly symmetrical sail and saves all the weight of the batten pockets.

Dave Ezzy developed the Endo-Batten for windsurfing sails in 1998 to achieve a symmetrical profile and help batten rotation.

More info:

We develop our own sailcloth.

The Unique Symmetrical Profile and Handcrafted Sails Worldwide!

Action videos:

Our Quality:

We are obsessed with the desire to make the absolutely best quality windsurfing sails in the world.

That’s why we rig EVERY sail that we produce.

There is no other sailmaker in the world that can make this claim.

Why don’t other companies do the same?

Ask them.

More info:
http://www.ezzy.com/rig-support/ezzy-ba ... gn-theory/


Δες τις προσφορές μας σε ΚΑΙΝΟΥΡΓΙΑ πανιά με τιμές που ξεκινάνε απο:

EZZY Sail Special Edition 5,0: 275,00€ ευρω
EZZY Sail Special Edition 5,2: 280,00€ ευρω
EZZY Sail Special Edition 5,5: 285,00€ ευρω

Premium Quality, Performance, Durability, Easiness
by Ezzy Sails & Masts!

Source: www.WindRider.gr


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