Ezzy Legacy 5.8m Test Review

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Ezzy Legacy 5.8m Test Review

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Ezzy Legacy 5.8m Test Review - Report

Ezzy Legacy 5.8m: 385,00 Λιρες Αγγλιας = 535,00 ευρω!

Ezzy describe the Legacy as a ‘high-performance wave and freeride collection’ targeting more budget-conscious customers.

Spanning 4.2 – 7.5 it’s a sensible range that will appeal to a broad audience.

With Ezzy sails it’s always worth remembering that the masts represent unbelievable value and that, as an overall rig package, they are extremely hard to beat.

“An all new “stripped down” collection from Ezzy.

At the heart of the Legacy is the bare elements of David’s design philosophy.

The Legacy Sails deliver all the power, range and stability you have come to expect from Ezzy but with a twist.

We keep a utilitarian philosophy with the Legacy by removing all the extra features present on our premiere sails.

A high performance wave and freeride collection that delivers awesome performance for your more budget-minded customers.” (Sic.)

Ezzy really seem to have cracked the no-hassle factor more than most and make rigging and sailing a very pleasing experience.

(The low luff curves make sliding the masts in a joy and all the down and outhaul tensioning indicators are simple and, most importantly, effective.)

They’re also quite forgiving of things many windsurfers can be less precise about themselves, such as harness line placement, and this 5.8 was a perfect example of the trademark, stable, smooth power delivery that exists across their entire collection.

We’re always surprised by how their unique tall profile actually brings about a behaviour we’re used to feeling from the modern crop of shorter, compact sails.

They never feel tall or twitchy anyway.

The head is constantly working to control gusts, be that by either venting excess air or translating that power into smooth drive to get up to speed.

The tuning range is vast, but even in the middle settings you’ll notice an insane amount of wind range as it is.

Around the bends this Legacy felt nice and neutral and in general the
lenient character will help many improvers master those critical gybes.

The stance is relaxed and not so upright and agile as some more freestyle-oriented crossover sails, plus the fuller shape could also limit budding tricksters to some extent, but for all-round bump and jump and gentle wave use you can’t go wrong.

With a lot of our team not having sailed or examined Ezzys for some time – and now that our magazine is privileged enough to be trusted to test them by the main man himself – there was total disbelief that this was a ‘price-point’ sail.

A few quid extra and you can add upgrades for the ‘missing’ tack fairing etc. but the overall skin and build was, in our eyes, ‘a regular bulletproof Ezzy’.

We obviously need to see their full-on wave sails to see what exactly the full HD specification will involve!

‘Be gentle with me’.

A smooth, forgiving and stable foil that will reward you with a neutral ride and wide wind range.

For a ‘price-point’ sail the build is simply incredible.


Premium Quality, Performance, Durability, Easiness
by Ezzy Sails & Masts,
Chinook Made in USA windsurfing accessories and more...

Clearly no other brand can match the materials and workmanship of any
Ezzy Sail and Mast and certainly the performance is excellent.

That combination of quality and performance make Ezzy an exceptional value, and that’s what people want these days more than anything – value.

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