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Caution! of Santa Cruz, California have now released their 6th generation kite dubbed the 'Spitfire'. With a strong reputation for durability and manufactured by legendary Ezzy Sails, the new Spitfire is stronger, lighter, faster and smarter. Outstanding in the waves, Caution kites are easy to use, reliable all round performers. Also new for 2004 is the Redline Twintip board already proving its superiority on the waves....
The 2004 Caution Spitfire kites are already proving to be very popular after demo outings at recent events. More refined then ever with superior build quality. The Spitfires are crisp, responsive and accurate to fly providing a sharp turning ability with a solid and predictable feel. Designed to be the ultimate wave riding kites these characteristics also make Caution kites truly great all rounders that will bring out the best in anyones ability.

Also new from Caution are a couple of hard carving boards built to the highest specs and sporting an ultra tuff Durasurf ™ base layup.

CHECK OUT CAUTION KITES & BOARDS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ... hsheet.pdf ... hsheet.pdf ... hsheet.pdf


I have used the 8m Spitfire on a number of occasions now and really love it when I do get the opportunity to use it.
I weight around 210lbs and never thought that I would find using an 8m enjoyable at all, but the Spitfire is great.

As always, the same great feel that Caution have throughout the range of Spitfires. It has more bar pressure than you'd initaially expect from a small kite, but it's by no means heavy, and makes for easy flying as you always know where the kite is.
Like all kites of this size it's quick turning if you want it to, and wave riding with this 8m always results in a memorable session.

Our stronger winds are generally quite gusty and the 8m absorbes this with no problem. Have in fact had a few comments from guys on the beach about how stable it looks etc.

Here's the surprise ... even at my 210lbs the jumping is excellent! I know that small kites jump big, but in the past I have experienced some really hard landings with smaller kites.
This one does not do that at all! Landings are consistently soft and I do not hold back because of this. What a pleasure!

I really don't know what the top end range of this kite is, as around here there is no one out except a few hardened poleboarders when I am using the 8m. I probably need around 25kts+ for me to be comfortably powered up on it.
One of the Ladies here uses her's from about 18ks and she's +- 155lbs.

Bar and safety system are pretty standard Q.R.loop and front line leash system with a nice plastic protector over the de-power line. Have been using the same one on my 14m since October without any wear.

Overall the standout feature for me is the nice easy handling and the floaty jumps.

Hi i have the 8,12,16 and 20 spitfires and have been on them since jan this year the 8 m is is a great high wind kite i have been on it up to 37kts its not that fast for a 8m kite so you can through it around in 30kts and not get spanked! it also has great hang for a small kite.
The 12m is a great jumping kite heeps of hang,fast and great for loops its turning circle is not as tight as a co2 or fuel wich makes for real mans loops!
The 16m turns verry fast for its size light on the bar heaps of grunt and float, jumps are not as high as some but alround one of the best 16s on the market and i make a point of trying every kite i can.
The 20m for a big kite this baby turns quite well probely as fast as a 16mx2 sits rock solid in the sky and has all the grunt you need for light wind days. it can also be looped.
Hope the helps, if you get a chance try one or all .

I got this email from the guy in the picture a week or so after he picked up his Caution 2004 spitfires. He's been riding since '99 and has a huge amount of experience with different kit, oh, and he does go off!

"Hey Sean, rode the 16 yesterday and I love it!!! that kite is amazing. I am so pleased with it!

Very quick and very stable. I was really chucking that thing about
yesterday and it was doing everything I wanted it to. Sweeeet!! It feel so
light and responsive in the way it handles its like using a 12m! It cuts
further round the window too so I know it will jump better than last years
15.. I had some real nice floaty air last night and it was pretty marginal,
it didn't luff once and it was terribly gusty. It's so solid and well
behaved. Just the perfect kite to make the best of gusty old Daymer.
I really love these kites, no matter how good everyone keeps telling me North, Naish, slingshot or even Globerider are. I tried all that shit and I am telling you, Caution kites are definately better.
I this year I have got 100% the kites I want (if the 10 and 16 are to go by) Just perfect for my riding style. Now I am learning new stuff again, It's great!"

When someone who really knows what time it is gets so stoked with kit it is always a good sign.

Try one.

CAUTION would like to officially announce the addition of Teiva Joyeux and young Maui sensation Garfield King to the Caution Crue. They will be joining forces with big wave specialist Dylan Grafmyre and young Maui favorite Jared Carlson. Look for big things from these guys soon!


Dave Broome

Bruce Eliashof

Brendan Richards

Dana Pinto

Poul Schiebel

Peter Schiebel

Chris Gutzeit

Dylan Grafmyre

Brian Hicks

Jeff Burton

Cess Van Oosterum

Jared Carlson

Rob Schraber

Top Hat

Teiva Joyeux

Tom Sykes

Garfield King

Adam Denny

Welcome to the Caution Family!!

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