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Δημοσίευση από WindRider » Πέμ 11 Μάιος 2006 22:50

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Posted Thu May 11, 2006 3:59 pm Post subject


Having used the 16m Answer acouple of times I would say that this kite is an overall performer.

Frist off, out of the bag the the bar and lines look similary to a regular C-kite bar and set up. The bar looked like it was too small for the kite. Mine didn't come with a kite leash. It has stopper balls and lots of adjustment on the ends of the lines. The swivel C-loop has some nice hardwar although I am not sure how the safety sysetem works even with a leash. There is a red line that runs parallel with the center line through the bar and attaches to both front lines. I don't know how the release system will kill the kites power but it looks almost like a suicide leash set up....I could be wrong. My kite came with no instructions either but you can get them from Caution easily.

The kite itself looks very durable. The stitching and the glued seems is a nice touch. The bridle is short and simple and has a sliding pulley at the front line attachment point that slides as you depower it. BTW most of the adjustment of the kite is on kite line ends and there is plenty of room for adjustment. I suspected that this kite needs tuning from the user out of the bag and that turned out to be the case. Most of it can be done on the bar. The sheeting system is simple and easy to reach. There's not a whole lot of distance from the C-loop to the sheeting system which is a nice touch since I don't have 3 ft arms.

Flying the Kite: The kite turns pleasantly faster than I expected is very responsive. On the water I noticed that the kite tends to want to hang back on the back lines. It is not 100% depowerable but roughly 85-90% depending on the bar setting. Out of the bag 85%. Bar pressure is light and is a nice feel. The kite on the low end is also nice. In wavey conditions the catching and timing was not an issue. I could catch and carve with ease. Jumping with the kite I noticed marginal hang time but then I am a heavy rider about 200lbs. I let a lighter person use it and he was making floatier jumps than me.

Other than the short sessions I had on this kite it seems to be a nice edition to the SLE kite family. I like it a lot and still have get used to SLE or bows. I think the wake style riders will really like this kite. Seems to be stable for wake style tricks and I know is good in the waves.

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