Caution 12m Answer II 2007 revue

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Caution 12m Answer II 2007 revue

Δημοσίευση από WindRider » Παρ 20 Απρ 2007 15:14

Out of the Bag same size bag as last year. That’s a good size.

Construction: same as last year very well made now with a one pump system and two options for end attachment to Bridle .the only thing I would have liked was more protection from whare from webbing points on leading edge. My 06 Answer has stared to show sines of rubbing on all four attachment points after a lot of uses fixed up with a strip of duck tape.

One Pump: Ok having a bit of trouble with one strut hose seems to be twisted my need to take cover off to fix up.

Colour: I got the Red and Yellow I like the colours and very easy to see. Also if I get a tare the colour are not to hard to get spinnaker tape to match.

On the Water note I am using the 06 Bar and lines

1 ½ hours on Botany Bay 15 knots NE
Would have normal been on 16m Answer but with a new toy had to have a go.
Kite a bit small for conditions still had a play with adjustments moved bridle from front post ion back 2 inches to back post ion hard to tell much in wind conditions possible lighter bar presser and slower turning.

2 Days later
3 Hours Ocean Cross on 20-24 Knots southerly

Moved bridle back to factory setting for would connection. The kite ripped in the waves stuck with 132 board as surf to big for me on a surfboard [still getting the hang of the surfboard. Very happy with kite same bar pressure as last years Got hit twice by a couple of waves on the way out lines went slack kite at 12 o’clock here we go kite in the water .no it just stayed up at 12 o’clock till I puled back on the lines. That’s what I needed as I liked my 06 12m but it did drop out of the sky in gusty conditions or when I let back line pressure off. The 07 seems to have fixed that up .As for speed on turns I can’t tell if it slower than last years. Jumps nicely good control in the air with nice floaty landings just behind the wave I jumped .

Conclusion: Any one looking for a good constructed long lasting kite. Simple bridle. Stable in the air .good size bag would be very happy with this kite I am

Male 6ft
Weight 82KG
Kitting for many years

Would like to know if 07 bar has more bar travel I think this kite will take more travel. All so would like to here how the 9m goes
Thanks Caution for a great kite.


I have abused my new 9 meter Answer2 today in max 32 knots of wind at Makkum beach, Netherlands. It was the first time flying it. Also red and yellow (It rocks!). Last week I flew the 16 for 3 days in very low wind and I already was satisfied with the performance of that 16.

The 9 is soo fast. It was quite gusty, but it didn't seem to be a problem for the Answer. Even more boost than last year's Spitfire and much (really much) more hangtime. Parachute-like. I only have to figure out the best way for a landing. I have crashed a lot of times, because the kite just responds different as the spitfire I was used to.
I haven't flown the '06 answer, so I can't tell you the difference. I used the '07 bar (no pulleys, no bullshit, just 4 lines). The only differences I know are the renewed bar ends and the Quick Release system. The '07 bar has a push away QR, instead of a loop you have to pull. I haven't tried it in action, but it looks very good.

I'm really stoked about my new babies. Caution has put up some awesome kites again this year!


In addition to my previous post:

About the strut hose of your one pump. It will be OK after some times of use. I had the same with my 16, but the problem is already solved after I inflated it for a couple of times. You just have to help it a bit sometimes to open the hose.

I have only flown the kites at the factory settings. Next time in light winds, I will try the difference between the 2 bridle settings. I will also try the Quick release then.


Yep, agree with your review. The kite seems to have a bit more grunt as it hangs a bit further back in the window. More stable for sure at factory setting that last years kite. I still love last years answer though, with its grunty through turn feel and have a brand new 06 here not out of the bag yet as a backup to testing these other brand new SLE kites in case it is still the favorite after a few months of riding the others. The new caution bar has larger diameter and is more comfortable in my paws at least. Much better leash line running ouside of the center hole where abrasion won't be an issue. Does not feel like more throw on the bar but will have to measure it. Going to order a nine here in a minute to test that one as both my 06 nines are now with new owners. That kite just felt very solid in strong and gusty winds and worked exceptionally well as long as you moved it a bit. Great wave kite. The new answer feels very, different to me from last years and might strike a cord with much more of the beginner and intermediate crowd in this configuration. One pump hoses have one zip tie on either side with no little piece of plastic to thread through and hold both sides together as some brands are offering after market. About the only thing we could find that we would modify. The 12 was appreciated by the others who tested it here. They were still able to drop it by the way if they really overflew it drastically like any other sle but it takes a lot more to actually drop it... Nice kite..The yellow and blue looks good as well according to a babe on the beach.. My gaudge of kite colors.. Chicks dig cool colored kites.. Look forward to hearing your take on the new nine compared to ours.. Thanks for the review.

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