new Hustla board kiters reviews

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new Hustla board kiters reviews

Δημοσίευση από WindRider » Δευ 20 Φεβ 2006 21:37

Cautions new Hustla board!! ... me=albut89

•2006 Computer aided lay-up schedule allows us to dial in the perfect flex pattern
•New reinforced Stainless Steele inserts for straps or binding, reinforced fin hole blocks and hand strap blocks
•Unique tucked ABS sidewall construction
•Multiple foot strap and Stance positions
•4 Computer Hyper Foiled G10 Fins (CF3)
•Contoured Adjustable foot straps, Low Profile Contoured Handle, and Cautions unique glue less ergonomic pads
•CNC Divinycell core for the strongest lightest cores in the industry that will not absorb water
•Indented textured grab rails for solid grabs and handling

Sizes: 135x46 and 145x46 ... tion+kites Forum Index » Kitesurfing
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I just tried the new Hustla board for three sessions. I love it. It goes upwind better then any board I have owned. It keeps and edge in high winds. Can plane and stay upwind in low winds. Goes threw chop like no other. I was keeping the front low going threw chop you can't even feel it. Has great pop. I think this is the best I have ever been on. I had 4 other kiters demo and all loved it. I think Caution has the board of the year for medium to light winds and maybe high winds also. I could really see this as a only board. You got to try it. I could stay up wind when it dropped to 10 mph and still keep great control when it went back up to 25 mph. As Caution says go demo one first. You won't be sorry.

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The Hustla... NEW! From Caution Santa Cruz. The Hustla is an all new addition to the popular Caution Redline board series for 2006 and comes in the shape of a wide, style, easy going light wind board shaped by Jimmy Lewis.
Available sizes: 135 by 45 and 145 by 45.
Suitablility: Beginner to Expert ...
Price: £449 English Pounds
The new Caution Hustla kitesurf boards are a versatile ride designed for an all round easy ride. Equally at home in choppy conditions as they are in flat water or carving waves the Hustlas combine Cautions renowned super tuff construction and build quality with the shaping talents of the legend that is Jimmy Lewis.

The Hustlas are the ideal board choice for a beginner who wants to get up and styling with ease and with a wide point of 45cm they are also perfectly suited to the heavier rider as an all round ride with early planing ability combined with control under power.

For everyone else the Hustla represents the ultimate choice for getting out and having fun on those light wind days with a smaller kite.
Key Features:

* Shaped by Jimmy Lewis for the ultimate light wind performance.
* CNC cut for perfect shape everytime.
* Durasurf™ base for the ultimate durability.
* Tunable ABS tuff rails.
* Indented grab rails with grip.
* Super comfy triple density foot pads.
* Plate pads that screw down for max stance adjustability.
* Adjustable straps (not shown in pics)
* Stainless steel strap inserts. (new for 06)
* 60mm Caution G10 Fins by Rainbow Fin Co'.
* Multiple fin position options.
* Sub laminate scratch resistant graphics.