Kevin Pritchard released his latest video called...

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Εγγραφή: Κυρ 1 Δεκ 2002 00:31
Τοποθεσία: Κάτω Ηλιούπολη - Αθήνα

Kevin Pritchard released his latest video called...

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Check out Kevin's new video sailing with the Taka 2!

Amazing Action.

Kevin Pritchard released his latest video called “Not wiser”, which shows great action mostly from Maui. Windsurfing has been his life for 25 years now: eating, sleeping and windsurfing. But has the Maui resident, who grew up in California, learnt all about wave sailing yet. No, it’s a never ending story.

Read a longer interview about Kevin’s thoughts in our latest interview here: ... ndsurfing/

The video isn’t about competitions or any specific event. It just shows the beauty of wave sailing and a rider, who is extremely hungry for the next turn. It’s a clip with a lot of feelings and is definitely a must see for everyone, who likes to watch wave windsurfing on a high level.

Kevin Pritchard in “not wiser”

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