Ezzy Legacy 5.2 2013 Sail Test

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Ezzy Legacy 5.2 2013 Sail Test

Δημοσίευση από WindRider » Τρί 19 Φεβ 2013 21:36

Ezzy Legacy 5.2 – 2013 Sail Test

I tested the new Ezzy legacy last weekend in El Medano Tenerife – firstly is great to get back into a shorty and sail in air temperatures of 24c in full sunshine, it ensured leaving the 3 degree UK air temp was no hardship.

The Ezzy 2013 Legacy is Ezzy’s first take on price point orientated sail, though first impressions I wouldn’t put it this category but knowing Dave Ezzy well it didn’t surprise me. He’s not a man to cut corners on performance and quality just to save a few dollars, he’s even been able to keep the look sharp with clean graphics for a cool looking sail. With a profile and dimensions appear to be similar to that of the Panther 3 / Tiger, you’d easily mistake the Legacy as a flagship model if you’re coming to Ezzy from some another brand.

With time on my hands I took the unusually task of reading the instructions before rigging on the recommended Ezzy RDM mast, rigging the sail using the wind setting dots on the leach of the sail as my guide I found it very easy to tune the downhaul even though the Legacy come with a pulley less D-ring. Popping on a boom and setting the outhaul to the recommended max for a super windy El Medano (4.2 – 4.5 weather) I noted admission of setting marks in the boom cut out area,and no built in mast pad. Looking closely there’s a new lighter luff material and a difference in the amount of seaming in the sail, a little less batten reinforcement compared to the Elites and Tiger and no neoprene piece by the head cap.(You can buy the extra mast pad,pulleys for the Ezzy legacy if you want them )

On the water the vision through the Legacy is incredible, the translucent see through nature gives a full 360 view of the water .I really liked the forward and solid centre of effort, no pulling or moving in the gusts -the sail is very stable and , if felt good to back on a 5 batton sail. Cost savings normally hit performance first yet I’m not only surprised but happy to report that Dave Ezzy has been able to produce the sail without effecting your performance on the water. The 5.2 legacy felt good wave riding, stable, smooth and easy to de power yet was spot on when you switched the power back on . So good was the performance, shut your eye’s and to would be fairly hard to decide if you’re on a Legacy or Tiger.


The Legacy Series – an all new “stripped down” collection from Ezzy.



At the heart of the Legacy is the bare elements of David’s design philosophy. The Legacy Sails deliver all the power, range and stability you have come to expect from Ezzy but with a twist. We keep a utilitarian philosophy with the Legacy by removing all the extra features present on our premiere sails.
A high performance wave and freeride collection that delivers awesome performance for your more budget-minded customers.